insurance for yacht clubs

Yacht Clubs: Insurance for Safer Events

Whether you plan to have racing, regatta, training or social events, acquiring specially designed insurance for yacht clubs can mean the difference between continued operation and financial disaster. These types of events can be liabilities on their own, as there are various accidents and problems that can occur, but they also can be a lot of fun and profitable to those involved. That’s why it’s important to get coverage that will be able to safeguard the people and property that may be harmed during these events.

Hull and Liability, Property and Dock Coverage

Whether or not you are holding events, general coverage for club members, employees, boats and other property, the dock itself and other people and items involved is vital in order to protect from theft, weather, vandalism, accidents and other risks. During events, there is often a higher chance that there could be damage done to someone or something due to the increase in activity.

Races and Regattas

While exciting, holding events for racing or a regatta can involve accidents, including crashes that damage boats and harm sailors. Insurance for yacht clubs often includes special coverage for these situations, where general liability may not cover.

Sailing Schools

New students to sailing are at a higher risk of accidents. Including coverage for these training sessions can help prevent serious issues.

Social Events

Not only do these events bring in more people, depending on the situation, liquor liability may need to be included. Some insurance for yacht clubs offers such policies.