Workers’ compensation insurance in Los Angeles

Workers Comp Coverage Provides Valuable Assistance

Workers’ compensation insurance in Los Angeles was established to assist in paying for work-related injuries, illnesses, medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, lost wages and death benefits protecting businesses from lawsuits. This is mandated by the state for businesses that employ more than a certain number of employees. It also protects your company from being sued by employees for workplace conditions that can cause harm.


Regardless of the type of operations you run, practically every occupation carries the risk of some type of injury. This policy comes into play every time there occurs an accident on the job, everything from pain resulting from the strain of repetitive motions to exposure to chemicals and other hazardous substances. Employers carry workers’ compensation insurance to provide them with a safety net for employees who suffer work-related injuries or illness.


Treat workplace injuries immediately


It’s vital that workplace injuries are reported the moment they occur. As an employer, you’re responsible for getting medical care to your injured or ill worker immediately. Getting medical attention in a timely manner could reduce the seriousness of an injury if treatment is administered sooner rather than later.


Once the insurance company approves a claim, the policy will provide medical treatment, along with monetary compensation for lost wages. In most cases, workers’ comp insurance coverage pays an injured worker approximately 66 percent (two-thirds) of his or her normal weekly wages. The formula used to determine the exact amount of partial wage payments varies from state to state.


In California, after receiving treatment, the injured employee must inform their employer of the physician’s advice concerning their ability to resume work responsibilities. All time off related to the work injury must be reported on the Absence and Additional Time Worked Report form (STD 634) or equivalent form. A statement from the attending physician is required each time the injured employee is seen regarding the work-related injury or illness.


If you’re in the market for workers compensation insurance in Los Angeles you can obtain quotes from a licensed agency with access to dozens of carriers.