EO insurance in New Jersey

Why Do You need E and O Insurance?

When it comes to professional liability insurance, you will want to have the very best for your legal or accounting practice. This means finding the right EO insurance in New Jersey. Errors and Omissions insurance covers you and your practice from any damages your clients may face due to a mistake on your part. If a client faces damages because of your error or omission, then he or she can take you to civil court to sue for those damages. A judge can then find you liable for the cost and the right insurance coverage can pay for them instead of having to take the damages out of your working capital.

EO insurance in New Jersey can help protect your practice from any damages resulting from mistakes on your part or on the part of another attorney or accountant in the practice. The larger your practice, the higher your risk and the more careful you need to be in finding an agency which can handle the number of professionals you have working there. You can find the right insurance by sitting down with an agent and going over your risks and general practice information. Your agent can then help tailor your insurance plans to your needs and even help you reduce your risks.