First Nonprofit insurance company

Why a Nonprofit Needs an Insurance Company

Nonprofit organizations fill a vital role in their community. Like any other organization, they cannot exist without qualified employees and the right protection. First Nonprofit insurance company offers a variety of useful benefits to those they insure.

Preventing Loss

Different nonprofits come with issues related to loss control. By creating customized plans for each organization, it’s easier to have something in place that works best for their individual needs. This includes a variety of nonprofits such as food banks, substance abuse centers and even daycare centers.

Discounted Drug Testing and Background Checks

Many nonprofits place an emphasis on drug-free work environments. Drug testing is necessary when hiring new employees, but not necessarily cheap. An insurance company that covers drug testing at a reduced rate can help these organizations find the right employees. Background checks are often included in these packages.

Managing Claims

Claims are time-consuming, but a necessary part of dealing with insurance. Claims services that include low-cost litigation rates and place emphasis on closing makes a world of difference for a busy non-profit that needs help in this area.

First nonprofit insurance company knows the individuals behind the organization are busy. By placing an emphasis on insurance services designed to make life easier, they make it possible for every nonprofit that works with them to succeed.