Where To Find Guaranteed Insurance Coverage For Dog Bites

Florida dog bitingIt is becoming increasingly more difficult to find a homeowner’s policy that covers liability claims for Florida dog biting. The Insurance Information Institute reports that approximately 1/3 of all homeowners insurance liability claims stem from injuries related to dog bits. For this reason, many insurance companies will turn you down outright if you own a dog. Others will write policies for certain breeds of dogs, but have a “bad dog” list that includes breeds that are deemed to be high risk and will not cover homes with:

Other factors that insurance companies consider when deciding whether or not to insure a property with dogs include the type of fencing in the yard, the dog’s history of behavior and the number of dog bit claims the insurer has processed in the past year.

While this denial of coverage for Florida dog bitingonce resulted in substantial out-of-pocket expenses for dog owners, this is no longer the case. The Federation of Insured Dog Owners (FIDO) recently introduced an exclusive Covered Canine Policy for members. It is designed to protect members of FIDO from the medical and liability expenses in the unfortunate event that your dog bites someone. What’s better, the policy does not exclude any breed of dog. Now that’s something to wag your tail about!