entertainment public liability insurance

What Public Liability Covers

When you are in the entertainment business, as in any business, accidents are bound to happen occasionally. A prop from the stage might topple into the audience, causing injury to a patron. A third-party contractor hired to set up lights for your concert could fall off a ladder and get injured, or equipment that you borrow may get damaged. When accidents occur, you need entertainment public liability insurance. It is designed to protect you from having to pay damages for the injuries or property damage others sustain on your premises.

Your public liability policy compensates injured parties for their troubles. If their possessions are damaged or lost on your property, your insurance can cover to repair or replace the items. If a claim is substantiated, the policy protects you from having to pay the injured party’s medical bills out of pocket. This may include everything from the ambulance ride to related care after the hospital stay. If you must defend against these claims, public liability may also cover legal fees.

Entertainment public liability insurance is a must for any business owner who hires contract labor or engages the public in such a way that injury or damage to property is a possibility. Don’t wait until an accident happens to talk to an agent about protecting your business.