What Is the Injury Rate at Your Business?

In 2013, in U.S. Hospitals, there were almost 58,000 work-related injuries and illnesses. For every 100 employees, 6.4 of them were injured or got an illness while at work. Although this doesn’t seem like a high number, it’s practically double the rate of private industry. Healthcare workers face many more risks on the job than most people. Your healthcare workers compensation insurance needs to address these risks.

More importantly, your organization needs to prevent injuries and illnesses in the workplace. In June, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sent a memo to its staff that handles hospital and medical inspections to be more alert for certain risks, such as bloodborne pathogens and overexertion. Because there are so many solutions for these issues, OSHA expects your organization to be doing your part. Your insurance company has resources to help you implement the policies and train your staff to be safer.

Your healthcare workers compensation is there in case your employees get injured. It’s better to do your part to keep them from being injured by ensuring that your facility is up-to-date on all standards. Stay informed on what is happening in your industry to understand how your insurance is affected. Keep your risks lower by working with your insurance agent to minimize dangers to your staff. Take advantage of the benefits of working with an insurance company that knows your niche business.