What Is OCIP Insurance Used For?

As a developer, you have many insurance needs that are unique to your industry. OCIP insurance is just one option that you should take a look at. Basically, OCIP is designed for those working on construction projects in various capacities. Eligible participants are able to have the general liability coverage that they need, and it is all combined into one policy in a coordinated effort.

When you consider OCIP, you can speak with an agent who will help you decide what your specific needs are. Doing this will help you get the results you are looking for. In a coordinated effort between you, other project participants and your insurance agent, you will go through the steps of evaluation and goal setting until you finally execute the plan and are able to obtain your claims.

Because it is such a versatile option, there are many professionals who can benefit from this type of coverage. They include general contractors and subcontractors, residential and commercial developers, and design professionals. Speaking to your insurance agent is the best way to find out if you qualify for OCIP insurance.

Whether you are the project manager or the subcontractor, be sure you have proper coverage through OCIP. When you and other project participants feel more secure, the job will often get done more quickly and efficiently.