What Is Occupier’s Liability Insurance?

If you’re looking for liability protection that covers you against the risk of injury or other damages to a member of the public on your premises, you’re talking about the occupier’s liability insurance. In the UK, it’s a specific form of coverage that works for businesses in spaces they own as well as those they lease as tenants. In the United States, you’re more likely to see the same coverage labeled as public liability insurance and offered as an additional form of coverage beyond general liability.

Does Everyone Need PLI?

Not every business needs to invest in this kind of coverage because general liability insurance typically covers you against the risk of accident or injury involving employees, contractors, and clients in a setting that’s not open to the public. If your business only has visitors to the types your general coverage is built for, then you won’t need the extra protection. If you’re open to the public or your general liability coverage doesn’t cover all the types of visitors to your facilities, then it’s a good idea to invest in a public liability policy in addition to your general policy. In general, PLI insurance requires a GLI policy to be in effect as one of its criteria for coverage, so make sure you review all your liability protection when you update policies to make each new upgrade as cost-effective as possible.