Insurance Programs

What Freelance Entertainers Should Know About the Insurance Programs Available to Them

From operating your own wedding photography business to DJ-ing countless events per year to working as a freelance event planner and more, independent entertainers enjoy a large degree of freedom that can, unfortunately, also come with some risks attached. Between equipment giving out at the wrong time and injuries occurring at the sites you’re working, there are several reasons you may want to look into mobile entertainers insurance program options.

Liability Coverage Can Offer Significant Protections for Different Entertainers

One of the first types of coverage you’ll likely want to look at is liability coverage, which can prove helpful in the event you get sued. This coverage generally protects you against a specific set of claims covered in your policy, but the good news is that many different entertainers can qualify for liability coverage. These include, but are not limited to:

Make Sure To Consider How Much Equipment Protection You Need

Once you’re personally covered with the right insurance, make sure you also take into consideration how much protection you think you’ll need for your equipment. Theft and damage are not uncommon for mobile entertainers’ equipment, and insurance could help prevent a financial headache.

Working as a traveling freelancer already comes with its risks, so protecting yourself with a thorough mobile entertainers insurance program may be the best course of action. Whether you’re concerned about an on-site injury, equipment malfunction, or other issues, you can find a policy tailored to you.