freight liability insurance

What You Want in a Freight Liability Insurance Policy

When transporting cargo, you might be hauling items that cost a pretty penny. You want to be 100 percent confident that you are covered in the event something bad happens by having a freight liability insurance policy. As you are looking through the policies open to you, you need to be absolutely certain what you are getting. Some policies do not cover the same acts as others. For example, you will want to see whether the policy you are getting will cover you in the event of an “Act of God,” civil commotion or a riot where the cargo is being transported.

Another issue that tends to come up is whether you are the one responsible for the loss of property. Some policies will cover you even if the loss was a result of your actions. You should ensure your policy covers the full value of whatever cargo you are moving. Some policies are determined based on the weight of the freight, so you should speak with your provider to be certain how much you are covered for. At the end of the day, you want to be sure you and any third parties are protected. Hopefully, the transport will go perfectly, but you want freight liability insurance just in case.