Irving Insurance

Unique Industries Needing Liability Protection

If your company has unique elements, such as dry-cleaning, uniform rental, linen supplier, restaurant management or even grocery store operations, the team at Irving Insurance has the experience and products you need to avoid liability concerns. Their success rests with their efforts to address individuals risks and exposures of each client, making their policy choices highly effective.

What Kind of Insurance Do You Need?

FabriCare Policies: If your primary functions deal with cleaning, transporting and caring for clothing, uniforms and other textiles, you will need a policy that addresses more than just general liability elements. A good policy will also include bailee insurance, commercial property, commercial auto, pollution liability, equipment breakdown and business interruption.

Supermarket Policies: Operating a grocery store presents liabilities in many forms, with some of the common ones including food spoilage, power failure, hepatitis and slips and falls. Beyond the general coverage on property, products and injury, you may need to acquire druggist liability and liquor liability.

Restaurant Policies: There are many risks involved when operating an eatery, and a strong risk management plan is one of the best defenses against liability claims. It is still wise to carry insurance, with a policy that can address liquor liability, food contamination, employee dishonesty, delivery and catering or commercial property and auto.

With Irving Insurance, you will find qualified brokers to help you navigate which insurance is best. Give them a call to discuss your options.