Two Highly Destructive Floods in Recent History

Throughout history millions of people have died and there has been billions of dollars in property damage as a result of flooding.  In recent times, governments and communities have been better able to anticipate and protect citizens from floods, but they can still be huge calamities.  The residents of areas vulnerable to flooding need insurance for flooding to adequately safeguard their homes and property from these devastating natural disasters.


Hurricane Sandy Floods


In late October 2012, Hurricane Sandy came ashore on the New Jersey coast.  It was the biggest Atlantic hurricane in history and was responsible for over $68 billion in damage. Much of the destruction was the result of flooding from the storm surge and the tremendous amount of rain the area received.


Mississippi River Floods


The Mississippi River floods that occurred in April and May of 2011 were some of the most devastating the region has ever seen. Two large rainstorms were the cause of these monster floods. The residents of eight states along the path of the Mississippi suffered tremendous property damage as a result of the floods.


Many people who lived in the areas impacted by these floods did not have enough flood insurance to totally recoup their losses. An experienced insurance agent can help you evaluate how much insurance for flooding you should have to protect your possessions from a flood.