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Top Benefits of Using People Analytics in Staffing Firms

Staffing firms provide an increasingly necessary service to countless employers seeking temporary, contract or full-time employees. By using staffing industry analytics, agencies can benefit from the additional data on staff.

Improved Hiring

The experts at World Wide Specialty Programs state people analytics have become mainstream in staffing recruitment. The main purpose of this additional data is to improve hiring for both the staffing firm and the clients the firm contracts with. By leveraging the data of current top performers, the firm can assess the probability of a new hire’s performance.

Staff Accountability

Rather than relying on old reports with little to no understanding, people analytics can help improve accountability throughout the workforce. The presented data is more visual allowing employees to understand how their performance impacts the business at large. This puts some of the accountability firmly in the employees’ hands rather than just the firm.

Employee Retention

One of the best benefits is the ability to improve employee retention. Not only does this save money on hiring and recruiting costs, but employees are typically more satisfied with the company. Retention may come down to simply identifying those thinking about leaving and taking proactive steps to retain them.

Staffing industry analytics can help the firm better meet the client’s needs and their own employment standards. Improving decision making can help elevate your firm above the competition.