Today’s Special: Restaurant Insurance

When opening a restaurant, obtaining insurance for your operation is probably the last thing on your mind. Whether you own a local fast food joint or a fine establishment, however, you will likely need to purchase restaurant insurance. In Atlanta, Georgia, insurance will protect your operation from a myriad of issues.

Several types of restaurant insurance are available; you will likely want to develop a policy that incorporates several kinds of coverage to best ensure the security of your business. Property insurance protects the equipment within the building, as well as the building itself, from damage due to fire or other incidents. General liability insurance covers you in the event that someone suffers an injury in the establishment, becomes ill from the food, or suffers some other personal injury for which you may be liable. If you will be serving alcohol in your eatery, liquor insurance protects you in the event of damage or injury to a patron or property due to the effects of alcohol. If you plan to hire three or more employees, Georgia law requires that you have workers’ compensation insurance, which will cover you if one of your employees suffers and injury on the job.

If you plan to open or already operate an eatery in Atlanta, Georgia, insurance for your restaurant should be a priority. Coverage for your establishment will ensure your financial security and protect your patrons, employees, and assets.