Tips To Reduce Golf Course Risks

Tips To Reduce Golf Course Risks

Golf course owners face many risks. Golfers can fall and get injured, carts can malfunction and inclement weather can damage the property. The smart owner understands that safe work practices help to mitigate many situations.

Mitigating the Risks

Identifying potential problem areas and then developing sound safety procedures are key to reducing golf course risks. The safe work procedures are only effective if your employees are trained to follow the instructions, however. Important areas to consider include:

  • Accidents and Injuries – To reduce the likelihood of slips and falls, keep all pathways clean and dry. Remove all clutter and electrical cords from walkways as well. Make sure loose tiles or torn carpet pieces are replaced right away, and install adequate lighting along walkways. Schedule the deep cleaning after the course is closed for the evening to reduce the chance of customers slipping on wet floors.
  • Equipment Failure – Keep all equipment in good working condition. Set up a schedule to conduct routine maintenance on golf carts and other equipment. Conduct safety audits to look for unsafe practices.
  • Building Damage – To prepare for weather events, make sure the roofing and other outside structures are maintained. After the storm has passed, inspect for damage.

Develop safe work practices at your golf course to reduce the risks to your customers and your employees.