bar liquor liability

Tips for Opening Your Own Bar

Opening any business can be an exciting venture with its ups and downs. Successful entrepreneurship is no easy feat, but by understanding the commitment it takes to have a successful startup, you can have a better chance of having a business that stands out and makes a profit over time. Starting your own bar is no exception. For those looking to open their own bar, having a solid business plan, including coverage for bar liquor liability, can help immensely.


It may be easy to get caught up in the fantasy of owning a bustling bar with chic décor, premium drink offerings and loyal patrons, but it is important to consider the planning that goes on behind the scenes. Before opening a bar, it can be helpful to ask yourself these questions:

  • Are my location options safe, attractive and affordable?
  • Do I have enough for startup costs?
  • What kind of image do I want for my bar and my staff, and what is my target market?
  • What type of bar do I want to run?
  • What are some creative and appealing ways I can promote my business?


Considering all the details can help operations run much more smoothly, but one of the most important areas to consider is making sure all legalities are squared away. Understanding your state’s laws and regulations, having business insurance for your bar, liquor liability and other coverages are crucial. Discuss your concerns with a qualified agent to identify potential exposures and learn how you can protect your investment.