DUI car insurance in New Jersey

Three Tips for Getting Insurance After a DUI

If you have been convicted of driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you probably know how difficult it can be to get insurance coverage. Fortunately, if you need DUI car insurance in New Jersey, there are options for coverage. Here are three tips for getting car insurance after a DUI conviction.

Pay More

The basic reality of insurance premiums after a DUI is that they are going to cost more. In many cases, insurance rates increase by as much as 95% following a DUI conviction. As such, make sure you budget for the increased cost of insurance following a DUI conviction.

Research Early

Following your DUI conviction, contact your car insurance provider to find out what you can do to help lower your rates. If your provider decides to cancel your policy, get started researching new options early. Plan to seek four or five insurance quotes to get the best deal possible.

Take Driver’s Ed

Completing a driver’s education course is a great way to lower insurance rates for any driver. This is particularly true for those who have received a DUI conviction. These driver’s may have few other options for lowering their rates.

Purchasing DUI car insurance in New Jersey is difficult for those looking to get the best rates. With just a bit of work, though, you can at least increase your odds of finding a good policy.