Coverages for hospice

The Importance of Hospice Liability Coverage

Hospice organizations take on a great deal of liability every day. Families entrust these facilities with the lives of their loved ones and rely on healthcare professionals to make their relative’s remaining days as comfortable and pain-free as possible. In addition to providing medical equipment, medication and even grief therapy for family members, hospice care may also include home visits. This wide range of services can lead to problematic scenarios in which hospice professionals may be held responsible.

Liability Protection

Coverages for hospice organizations should cover claims from not only patients and family members but employees as well. Because these facilities dispense healthcare, they are also working with government-funded policies like Medicaid and Medicare, which could leave the hospice facility open to financial investigations should discrepancies arise.

A good liability insurance plan for hospice organizations should include protection against the following:

  • Lawsuits involving negligence or improper care of patients
  • Injuries due to accidents in the facility
  • Wrongful termination claims, or claims issued by employees concerning inappropriate treatment or harassment in the workplace
  • Government audits

Why Protection Matters

Hospice caregivers work with families in extremely sensitive circumstances. Securing appropriate coverages for hospice care facilities removes the potentially devastating cost of accidents or mistakes. These healthcare providers can then focus on caring for their patients in the right way for all the right reasons.