Water Treatment Industry

The Hazards of the Water Treatment Industry

For those who work in the water treatment industry, thoughts about sewage and wastewater are commonplace. Unlike those who don’t work in the industry, workers in these industries have to take special care to protect themselves.  Most people don’t realize the hazards that these workers face every day. Some insurance companies cannot even provide appropriate insurance policies to cover those risks.

Health Hazards for Workers

There are several hazards that workers face due to exposure to sewage. Viruses that cause severe digestive symptoms can be found in sewage, along with bacterial that may cause a bloodborne infection. One of the most common bacterial infections is E. coli.

Protections for Workers

One of the most important protections for workers is to have the proper equipment and PPE to remain healthy. Workers should have access to protective masks, goggles, waterproof boots and gloves and coveralls that repel liquids.

Also, all workers should have the training to mitigate the risk. Since accidents can happen and you cannot plan for every event, having insurance coverage to protect the company and the workers in case of an accident is critical.

Fortunately, there are insurance options available for those companies within the water treatment industry. Since the industry has some very real and very specific risks, it only makes sense to require customizable options specifically designed for the hazards that water treatment facility employees face.