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Tail Insurance: It’s Not for Your Cat

Animal lovers might see the words “tail insurance” and conjure up unfortunate incidents involving their furry friends. In actuality, tail insurance has nothing to do with cats, dogs, bunnies, lizards or any other member of the animal kingdom. Here’s the lowdown on this special type of insurance for business owners.

What Is Tail Insurance?

Tail insurance is used in addition to regular business insurance, and it allows policyholders to file a claim against their insurer if their policy expires or is canceled for any reason. To put it simply, tail insurance extends the valid claim period for a business’s primary insurance policy. It’s especially useful when a company is in the process of closing down, but insurance coverage is still needed.

Businesses and professionals from all industries benefit from having tail insurance. It’s more than just a way to provide peace of mind. It can save a company hundreds, if not millions, of dollars if that organization is faced with accidental gaps in coverage.

Find a Tail Insurance Provider

While most major insurance companies offer tail insurance, it’s important to read the fine print before purchasing a plan. Axis Insurance recommends shopping around for a customized policy created specifically for your industry’s needs. Calm your mind and protect your business with a comprehensive tail insurance policy.