Lawyers Malpractice Insurance PA

Why Specialty Malpractice Insurance is Important for Lawyers

Any law firm from solo practices to firms with multiple offices across the nation should have malpractice insurance. While this type of insurance can provide general coverage, it can be necessary to have lawyers’ malpractice insurance in PA that covers specialty areas.

Beyond the Basics

There are usually multiple people in your office at risk in the event of a malpractice case. Specialty policies are available that not only cover attorneys, but also staff members such as paralegals, legal consultants and independent lawyers working on your case. The staff of some offices is broad enough to include escrow agents, lobbyists and even government affairs advisors. Malpractice policies that would include these members can usually only be found through insurance companies who specialize in the area of lawyers’ malpractice insurance.

Coverage for Today’s Risks

Some of the malpractice liabilities that law firms face today were not inexistence a year ago. The increased financial risks faced by attorneys around the globe can require malpractice insurance that covers outside director liability and lawyers’ management liability to protect attorneys who are a part of outside corporate boards and safeguard attorneys’ assets in the event their firm goes bankrupt.

Today’s lawyers face so many risks that having lawyers’ malpractice insurance in PA is crucial. Attorneys should be able to do their job and represent their clients without a constant fear of malpractice lawsuits. Having specialty malpractice insurance can help the lawyers at any firm to feel safer.