specialty insurance for VNAs

Specialty Insurance for VNAs Coverage

Some businesses only need basic coverage to ensure that they are protected against any unforeseeable incident; others require a specialized approach to their coverage needs. Visiting Nurse Associations, or VNAs as they’re called commonly, fall into the “others” category. Visiting Nurse Associations provide home health care services to those in need in their community. They are run as a nonprofit organization generally and carry all necessary licensing for in-home medical care. Specialty insurance for VNAs is required because health care professionals are dispatched to patients’ homes to provide nursing and other rehabilitative services. A property and general liability policy isn’t enough here.

The need for VNAs is growing quickly in the United States, and it’s expected to grow even more quickly over the next few decades. In order to protect properly the administrators, employees and patients of a VNA, the director must secure multi-faceted coverage for the association, including directors’ and officers’ liability, employment practices liability, general and professional liability, non-owned and hired auto for the cars in which the medical professionals are dispatched, and workers’ compensation among other riders. This is a lot, so work with a company that understands specialty insurance for VNAs and offers affordable packages to their clients. With patient care in your hands, you cannot go uninsured.