insurance for California marinas

Smooth Sailing With Insurance Coverage

If you’re the owner of a yacht club or a marina in California, there may be almost nothing more important to you than the success of your business. You can keep your enterprise safe and sound with insurance for California marinas. Your policy will protect you, your property, your land, and your members – and will have you covered on both land and on sea. You and your members will be covered in the event of boat or property damage or personal injury, whether caused by storms, accidents, or other unforeseen events.

In addition to the feeling of security you will get from insurance for California marinas, you will also get many benefits that only someone who knows your industry would understand. An insurance specialist can tell you all about coverage unique to your industry. You can get hull and liability coverage for your yacht club fleet and regatta liability. Your policy will also protect your sailing school, your marina’s facilities and grounds, and the personal property of your members. In addition, you may want to explore some useful add-ons, such as pollution and oil spill coverage, workers’ compensation insurance, protection against race management errors, Jones Act coverage for your water-based employees, and directors’ and officers’ liability, to name a few.