Carmel cyber risk insurance

Why Small Businesses Need Cyber Risk Insurance

Large corporations are not the only entities that experience cyber-attacks. As a small business owner, you may be more at risk of computer-related security breaches. In fact, nearly half of these incidents take place with small businesses. Anything from malicious malware to rogue software can jeopardize your company. Carmel cyber risk insurance can provide liability protection if such an event happens.

The High Cost of Being Uninsured

Cyber-attacks take a financial toll on businesses. In many cases, the fallout from data breaches forces companies to go out of business. The steps taken to recover and rebuild from an attack are often costly. A few common actions taken include:

  • Hiring forensic specialists
  • Contacting customers
  • Employing PR consultants
  • Monitoring credit card activity

When you have cyber liability insurance, you can reduce out-of-pocket expenses and protect your company’s assets.

Customized Coverage

A cyber insurance policy offers several features. You can customize the coverage so it fits the unique needs of your business. Policies protect you from a variety of liability exposures ranging from copyright infringement and reputation damage to business interruption and privacy breaches.

You put a lot of work into starting, growing and/or maintaining your business. Don’t let computer hackers impede your success. Consult with an experienced agent regarding the advantages of Carmel cyber risk insurance.