engineer liability insurance

Securing Your Professional Input

Often the unnoticed work behind super-structures and architectural marvels are the original engineers who were the brains of the project. Even though their work might have only gone as far as the drawing and plans, their involvement carries a unique set of risks. By carrying engineer liability insurance, the individual responsible for the design of a project can find protection in the event of an accident or disaster with their building.

Professional Liability Coverage

The construction company performing the work and carrying out the engineer’s plan will have a general liability policy, but it is only good for the activities surrounding the specific nature of their involvement. Flaws in drafting and design practices are linked back to the engineer, just as are inconsistencies and incongruencies on the job site. This opens up liabilities associated with:

  • Errors and Omissions
  • Failure to follow industry standards
  • Providing incorrect design
  • Issuing report with incorrect data
  • Failure to inspect or supervise the worksite
  • Providing or using faulty calculations and measurements

Some design companies will carry additional insurance coverage, but to be safe, each individual should acquire a personal engineer liability insurance policy. The cost of the premium is nowhere near the potential costs should the individual come under scrutiny in a lawsuit. The best protection for their exposure is through proactive measures.