insurance for California boats

How to Save Money When Purchasing California Boat Insurance

Owning a boat and having access to many bays and the Pacific shore can be one of the greatest perks for any Californian. However, being able to afford insurance for a boat, no matter what its size or what it is used for, is important for any boater’s peace of mind. As you look into insurance for California boats, here are a few money-saving tips that may help you lower costs.

Before you choose an insurance policy for you boat, ask your local carrier if you qualify for any discounts based on safety. This may include perks for having a safe boating history or for installing additional safety features on your craft, such as safety gear kits and smoke alarms.

Depending on the policy you choose, you might be able to bundle your boat insurance with your home, car or other types of existing policies. Bundling may help you save on your total monthly insurance bill or lower the amount of your boat insurance premium.

You will likely have many options when it comes to finding insurance for California boats, but taking the time to find ones that can help save you money may be well worth the search before you hit the open water. Ask your local insurance carrier about which plans might be the best financial choice for you.