Reviewing Your Crane Insurance Policy

Cranes perform an important function in the construction industry. They are used to hoist heavy objects so that the building of structures can continue. Finding the appropriate crane insurance in New York can be challenge simply because many insurance companies do not understand rigging, scaffolding, or steel erection procedures and what accidents might occur while a job is underway.

On the Hook” Insurance Programs

A policy that is referred to as “on the hook” is insurance that provides liability coverage to a third-party in the event that damage occurs to property as it is being hoisted by a crane. All too often this kind of coverage is not adequately detailed in an insurance policy making it difficult when a claim needs to be filed. Finding an insurance company that can analyze your ever changing business needs can help to ensure that you have the correct coverage for your industry.

Contractual Review

Most insurance companies have contracts with their clients that are set for a year or so and then they expire. As the expiration date on the contract approaches it is a good time to consider what options you might have available. Crane insurance is a specialty kind of coverage that not many companies know about and something that is certainly not easy for insurance agents to understand. If you’re contract is set to expire soon do some research to see who might have the knowledge and skills required to adequately cover your crane operations.