Cemetery insurance

Respect and Protect Your Cemetery

Managing a cemetery can be difficult, especially when you want to ensure you are as careful and respectful as you can be for those who lost a loved one. Unfortunately, things can go wrong, and accidents happen, leading to problems for you and those involved. Having cemetery insurance can help in various ways, able to cover repairs, replacements, medical fees and multiple other financial cases of liabilities.

If a Headstone Is Damaged

Whether due to a natural disaster or vandalism, it is possible for headstones to be harmed or broken. It can be upsetting for someone to see a loved one’s marker damaged and they’ll certainly want to see it fixed.

If Someone Is Injured

An employee may be hurt while tending to the grounds or a visitor can trip and get wounded while paying respects. These are only a couple examples of how someone could be injured while on the premises. Cemetery insurance can cover medical and legal fees.

If a Vehicle Causes an Accident

When using business vehicles for transportation, there’s a risk of something happening in transit. If the driver is responsible, then the business will have to cover damage and repairs.
Other forms of negligence, property damage, errors and omissions, crime and various liabilities exist for cemeteries. It can be quite upsetting for those who are already devastated by the loss of a loved one, so having cemetery insurance can make things less difficult for you and the people you’ve offered a resting place to for someone they care about.