VIS Volunteers

Protecting the Workers Trying to Do Good

When you work as a volunteer, you are giving of your time and energy with the hopes of helping someone else, whether individual or agency. If an accident occurs while you are volunteering, there won’t be a lot of discussion concerning your good intentions. The inquiry will be as to who holds your insurance policy. While there is always a likelihood that you may be covered during an incident by the organization that you are operating under, there is a similar likelihood that you are not covered. The information offered by VIS Volunteers indicates that the majority of Americans volunteering around the country aren’t covered for the situations of risk they are placed in.

Risks for Volunteers

The types of risk that volunteers encounter has a lot to do with the agency and services the volunteer is providing. Volunteer firefighters have more risk than those who are working in a soup kitchen. Unique risks are often addressed through specific insurance policies such as government volunteer insurance or independent coverages. There are some states that provide insurance coverage for volunteer programs, but usually, the coverage must be purchased through a private provider that specializes in volunteer services. The coverage levels for a volunteer policy can include:

  • Liability caused by the volunteer
  • Injuries sustained by the volunteer
  • Extra vehicle insurance for accidents involved volunteers driving for their assignment