cargo liability insurance companies

Protecting the Contents of Your Transport

For trucking companies and for-hire drivers, protecting the contents of their transport is important to the financial success of their company and their consumers’ peace of mind. Working to offer cargo protection the mission of cargo liability insurance companies. Here are some things they typically offer.

Comprehensive Coverage

A motor truck cargo policy is often specifically designed to meet the exposure and risks of your trucking operations.For starters, it often addresses liability for cargo that is either damaged or lost due to a collision, fire or striking a load. Striking a load could happen during storage, such as with a forklift, or during loading and transport. Coverage is also usually available for when the cargo is in a shipping terminal or warehouse. Companies run into problems when incidents happen during transport, and uniquely crafter policies can offer assistance during these times.

Specialized Attention

Cargo liability insurance companies have expertise in the transport industry, knowing the requirements for coverage, best limits and risk/exposure assessment. To be clear, this cargo coverage is a separate policy than carrier insurance. The focus is on the contents of transport and not the provider. Policies drafted may include assistance with legal expenses if a lawsuit arises, expenses for damage cleanup or lost freight charges. Your broker will know what you are facing and offer a policy tailored for maximum protection.