restaurant insurance in Texas

Protect Your Restaurant Investments With Insurance

Whether you own a small, family-run Tex-Mex spot or a large Texas BBQ restaurant, protecting you and your employees with the right insurance is essential in keeping your place open for the long-term. Getting the right restaurant insurance in Texas is made possible when adding the rights types of coverage for you.

One of the most important coverage’s for Texas restaurants is liquor liability coverage. Every food establishment that offers alcohol is required by Texas law to have this kind of policy. This is in case a client that consumes your liquor causes some sort of property, motor or personal accident upon leaving your property. Unfortunately, this type of accident may entail lawsuits. Luckily with this kind of coverage your long-term savings are safe.

Safeguarding Your Business

One of the most common types of insurance any business owner must have is property coverage. For restaurants, this can cover equipment, decor, furniture and the building itself. Another type of insurance restaurants may require is commercial vehicle insurance. Whether running to a catering event or making a delivery, you want your investments covered in case of motor accident. Other types of coverage that restaurants owners can obtain are:

  • General Liability
  • Crime
  • Employee Compensation

Finding the best restaurant insurance in Texas is possible in just a few clicks or phone calls away. Reach out to your desired insurance company and protect your savings from taking a hit.