Protect Your Business With Insurance Tailored for Your Needs

As a yacht builder, you know your business inside and out. Boats are your lifeblood, and keeping your business afloat is your top priority. Your profit margins may be as tight as the seal around a porthole. What would happen to your company if a catastrophe occurred? Are you properly insured against all risks? You need yacht builders’ insurance brokers who understand your industry.

Ideally, your insurance should cover your property, including the buildings and their contents, the docks, equipment and inventory as well as the business income. You’ll want to insure against crime, such as theft and arson, as well as damage caused by inclement weather.

Your company employees are just as important as the property. Be sure your people have proper workers’ compensation coverage. Yacht building is a distinguished trade but accidents do happen.

Liability coverage is also very important. In the event that a customer is injured or someone’s private property is damaged as a result of an occurrence at your business, liability insurance can cover the costs incurred.

When shopping for insurance for yacht builders’ insurance brokers, choose an insurer that understands your business. Better yet, choose an insurer that focuses exclusively on the marine trade. With proper insurance, your company can go weather any storm for years to come.