Protect Your Artisan Contractors With the Proper Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation plans are a crucial consideration and considerable expense for any business employing artisan contractors. The construction industry had hit some difficult times due to the recession, but as the nation recovers, projects have been picking up and more and more employees are getting back to work. The skilled employees working in fields such as masonry, drywall installation, plumbing, electricity, carpentry and other trades need to be protected with the appropriate artisan contractors’ workers’ compensation in the event of unexpected circumstances that keep them from their labor. This work can be dangerous and if situations arise, both the workers and the employers need to be prepared. Detailed coverage plans include workplace safety initiatives, competent and time-sensitive claims handling and settlement, information and preparedness on loss control, and more.

Businesses need to work with an agency that understands artisans’ unique needs, in order to mitigate risk and make sure workers are out due to injury or other situations for as little time as possible. They also should choose a firm that has tailored solutions for their specific areas, in order to ensure the best possible coverage. Make sure the company stays informed on all state regulatory changes and market shifts that occur that could have consequences for your artisan contractors’ workers’ compensation program. Regardless of your businesses’ size, if you’ve selected the right insurance agency and coverage, your artisan contractors and your overall venture will be suitably protected.