insurance for yacht builders

Protect Your Boat and Yacht Building Business

Boat and yacht building is one of the most exacting trades around. You’ve made an enormous investment in time learning and perfecting your craft. You’ve also made a significant monetary investment in the tools, equipment and facilities to practice it. Another investment you may want to consider is insurance for yacht builders.

Since your product is designed to be used in what can be one of the most dangerous and unpredictable environments in the world, insurance for yacht builders can be a wise investment. Even if you have standard business insurance, you may not be completely covered for all the unique liabilities your profession entails.

Consulting with a marine insurance agency that specializes in providing coverage for boat and yacht manufacturers may uncover gaps in your coverage and give you the peace of mind filling those gaps in can bring. While most insurers can offer a wide variety of coverage, a specialist with experience in yacht building liability may be able to not only help with additional coverage, they may also be able to point out better business practices that may reduce your exposure and lower your insurance premiums.

In business, as when out on the water, the fewer surprises the better. Knowledge you gain beforehand can save you more money that learning by experience.