HPSO insurance

Professional Insurance for Healthcare Providers

Today’s litigious atmosphere makes insurance for healthcare providers more important than ever before. HPSO insurance is available to both individuals and companies in diverse healthcare fields.

Insuring Your Working Life

Working in the healthcare field exposes providers to possible injury to themselves or patients, as well as the occurrence of accidents or damage to property. Insurance coverage for these and other eventualities can protect both business and personal assets. Even if you are working as an employee, coverage provided by your organization may not furnish the level of protection you want.

Allied Healthcare Professions

HPSO insurance coverage is designed for those working in any of over 80 allied healthcare disciplines. Professionals in these and many other healthcare careers can benefit from such coverage:

  • Occupational, speech and physical therapists
  • Medical sonographers and radiographers
  • Dietitians and nutrition services providers

Types of Coverage

General liability and professional liability coverages can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual or company. Some professions are especially vulnerable to particular risks, such as physical abuse of the elderly. You should work with your insurance provider to identify areas of exposure so that policy enhancements can be put in place for the coverage you need.

HPSO insurance is available to a wide range of healthcare professionals and should be considered as a vital part of planning for financial security.