What You Need to Know About Florida Dog Bite Liability Laws

As a Florida resident and dog owner, it’s essential that you understand the state’s specific laws as they pertain to dog bite liability, so that you may make an informed decision in obtaining Florida dog bite insurance. There are two main Florida dog bites laws, both of which are described in detail below.


Florida’s “Strict Liability” Dog Bite Law


Florida is among a number of states that adhere to strict liability laws when it comes to dog bite injuries. Essentially, these laws state that you, the owner, are liable for any injuries that your dog causes. This differs from “one bite” or “first bite” laws that are used in some states, which are laws that won’t fault a dog owner for a bite unless the animal in question has injured another human being already.

Florida’s “Negligence” Dog Bite Law

If your dog bites someone and the victim can prove that the injury was caused as a result of your negligence, you could be on the hook for costly damages if you and your dog aren’t properly insured. You might be considered negligent if, say, your dog was in a fenced-in area, but the gate wasn’t properly closed and he got out and bit someone, or if you failed to properly leash your dog in a public place and an injury to another occurred as a result.

Florida dog bite insurance protects against both types of laws, so obtain a quote today and protect both you and your pet in the event of a dog bite.