Builders risk insurance

Do You Need Builders Risk Insurance?

As a construction company owner, or an independent contractor, you know how many risks and challenges you face while you’re providing your services. Factors like weather, theft, vandalism and fire are all critical threats to the success of your project. Builders risk insurance protects you and your construction project from these unplanned events that could otherwise put a damaging dent in your bottom line.

Coverage for construction professionals has to take into account a wide range of factors. Unexpected events can cause damage to materials, but they can also create project delays, all of which translates into lost money and inability to deliver on promises. This insurance coverage gives peace of mind to all types of builders, from independent contractors to a large construction firms. They know that no matter what may happen during the course of construction, their coverage will protect them from a wide range of costly surprises.

You can create a policy that is customized to your particular field of expertise and the specific risks that you face in the course of construction. These may include, but are not limited to, cleanup of debris, coverage for valuable papers and records, scaffolding coverage and pollution cleanup.

Builders risk insurance is an important factor to take into consideration if you are responsible for a construction project. This insurance covers the unique risks that builders face while performing their specialized work.