Staff insurance

Navigating Benefits for Temporary Employees

Staffing agencies know that there are plenty of complications when it comes to employing temporary workers. Standards are not always clear, and you may even encounter conflict between state, local and federal regulations. Nonetheless, navigating these intricacies is part of the job. One of the most complex areas of policy is employee benefits. Here are a few tips for making the process easier.

Classify Employees Correctly

Incorrect classification is one of the most common reasons for errors in employee benefits. Workers are typically identified as permanent, seasonal, interns or temporary. The distinction between each of these is important and will determine what benefits, if any, an employee is entitled to. Study the criteria in your state for each of these categories and ensure that you have correctly classified your employees.
In some cases, even if a worker is temporary or otherwise ineligible for benefits, working too many hours can make an employee eligible for full-time status. Track the hours your associates have worked

Invest in Insurance Coverage

In the event that you do face liability for employee benefits, a specialized staff insurance policy is the best protection. Staff insurance is tailored to meet your needs and provide the coverage needed to reduce liability. By being careful and insuring your interests, you can prevent the damage of a costly benefits case.