Making Sure Your Company Is Covered

Staffing agencies have become an important factor in the economy, aiding businesses in finding temporary and long-term qualified employees. Just like any business, staffing agencies require insurance to protect them from specific and unforeseen financial loss. However, unlike with other business, staffing agency employees often work offsite, performing duties related to positions at other companies and under someone else’s supervision. This creates a unique need for insurance coverage and the necessity of specialty staffing agency insurance.

Unique Circumstances

Because staffing agencies employ workers both in their office and in other businesses’ offices, they are subject to a number of distinct liability exposures. Many standard insurance policies will cover likely incidents that may occur within their own office, but fail to cover their temporary workers at other businesses. With traditional coverage, a staffing agency will experience gaps in their coverage. If a staffing agency is inadequately covered by insurance, they may only recognize these gaps once they are required to pay out a claim themselves.


Staffing agency insurance will cover potential gaps in coverage by examining individual business and making note of potential risks. Some popular policy inclusions for staffing agencies include:

  • Property and Casualty
  • Errors and Omissions
  • Temporary Staffing Workers Compensation

There is more coverage available and it be individualized to a staffing agency’s targeted industries and individualized risks.

While protecting a staffing agency from financial loss through insurance may seem more complicated than traditional coverage, it is really about determining the potential risks associated with staffing and temporary employment.