bar liquor liability insurance

Liquor Liability Insurance Can Provide Financial Relief in the Face of a Lawsuit

Bars, pubs and taverns are places where friends gather to have a good time and unwind from a stressful workweek. For many people, one or two drinks is all they need to relax, but for others, one or two drinks can quickly turn into one too many. If those individuals drive home and get into an accident, or even if they walk home and end up seriously injured or missing, the victim or the family is going to want answers. Typically, they find those answers in the form of a liquor liability lawsuit against the establishment that served the alcohol. For this reason, if you own and operate a drinking establishment, or if you are thinking about opening one, protect yourself and your finances by investing in bar liquor liability insurance.

Liquor liability insurance is designed to protect liquor establishments from legal claims of negligence brought by individuals who were injured as a result of their drinking. In some cases, accident victims of drunk driving may also look to sue the establishment that served the drunk driver. Without liability insurance, you may be forced to cover the cost of defense fees, investigation costs and settlement awards. This is all in addition to the money you stand to lose for closing your business while the lawsuit is pending.

Many small establishments cannot afford the costs associated with a lawsuit out-of-pocket. Bar liquor liability can help cover those costs as well as ensure that you have the tools you need to walk away from the lawsuit the victor.