NCSF life insurance

Life Insurance: Financial Security and Peace of Mind

The National Catholic Society of Foresters was founded on the commitment of supporting families when they lose a loved one. NCSF life insurance remains one among many of its members’ benefits, and the several policy options it offers allow families to choose what is best for their needs.

Jet Issue

One of these options is jet issue life insurance, which is easy to apply for and affordable. Benefits can be paid towards not only funeral costs, but also other end-of-life expenses such as the remaining medical bills, loans, or debts of the deceased.

Whole Term

NCSF life insurance options also include whole term coverage. This type of policy is guaranteed to last for your entire lifetime, and the accumulated funds can be accessed for educational, retirement, or estate savings. With whole term life insurance, you can also name beneficiaries or charities to receive excess funds beyond your death expenses.

Low-Cost Term

Low-cost term life insurance is a third option offered by NCSF. It is valid for a set number of years, usually a time period when you expect to be less financially secure. These policies ensure that your family does not inherit any unpaid loans or debts if you were to die during this time.

Family loss is difficult enough without additional financial burdens. Whichever policy option you choose, NCSF life insurance can help give you and your family financial security and peace of mind.