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How Life Events Affect Insurance Costs

If you are in Connecticut and you already have auto insurance, you might need to evaluate your coverage. Certain life events can impact the price of CT auto insurance.

Life Events That Decrease Premiums

There are some events that will cause the cost of your premiums to decrease. Look for available savings if any of these events occurs in your life:

  • Purchasing a new car with a high safety rating and anti-theft features might qualify you for lower rates.
  • Moving to an area with a lower crime rate tends to lower premiums.
  • Married drivers can combine two insurance policies into one to save money.

Life Events That Increase Premiums

Any one of these life events might increase the cost of your CT auto insurance. If one of these events happens, contact your agent about ways to decrease your rate or start shopping for insurance from another provider:

  • Each claim you file may increase your rates, especially if the claim is for an at-fault accident.
  • Traffic violations and points on your license could also raise premiums.
  • Adding a teenager to your policy is a frequent cause of premium increases.

Whenever you experience a life event that may impact your insurance rates, you will need to evaluate your coverage. If you find that you need to shop for new CT auto insurance, contact an agent who will help you compare policies.