midsize law firm legal malpractice insurance

Why All Lawyers Need Professional Liability Insurance

If you are an attorney, you understand the importance of protecting yourself from lawsuits and other legal challenges. As with any professional endeavor, a lawyer’s best protection is midsize law firm legal malpractice insurance. Every lawyer should carry sufficient coverage.

As you know, it can be extraordinarily expensive to defend against lawsuits. That’s true whether the legal action is legitimate or frivolous. For even meritless claims, attorneys can spend a fortune on legal fees. Even worse, the distraction of a lawsuit can bring even stoic law firms to a standstill. Professional liability coverage gives attorneys peace of mind by offering a layer of protection against costly lawsuits.

Depending on where you practice, ethical rules might require you to carry legal malpractice insurance. That’s for good reason. Regardless of how carefully you practice law, eventually you will make a mistake. With a simple errors and omissions policy, your clients can recover from any harm you inadvertently cause them. With a more comprehensive policy, you can be certain you won’t lose your livelihood if you make a mistake.

As a practicing attorney, midsize law firm legal malpractice insurance can help protect you from lawsuits. It can also protect your clients from damages caused by mistakes you might make. For both of these reasons, all attorneys should carry a professional liability policy.