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Know Your Rights as a Homeowner Against an HOA

Living in a community that has a homeowners association can be a mixed bag of good and bad results. Depending on who controls the HOA board, you may find that it helps keep the aesthetic of the neighborhood with little to no intrusion into your daily life. On the other hand, you could find yourself on the receiving end of a long line of seemingly ridiculous demands and complaints. Knowing the ins and outs of homeowners rights against HOA rules and restrictions can ensure that you steer clear of trouble without being bullied.

What an HOA Can Do

As a homeowner, you have certain rights, even if you live in an HOA community. These include the right to fair and consistent rules that are clearly laid out in housing contracts. They can serve notice of rule violations and levy fines for violations as prescribed by the homeowner’s contract.

What an HOA Can’t Do

An HOA cannot impede a purchase or single out a homeowner based on their race or ethnicity. Fair housing laws bar discrimination, and that includes any discrimination on the part of homeowner associations. The HOA board may not impose fines that are not established in contracts, and they are not allowed to change rules without giving community members notice and the opportunity to have their voices heard.

If your neighborhood has an HOA, you might consider purchasing HOA insurance to provide protection in case of troubles with the board.