Independent Contractor

Keep Yourself Covered as an Independent Contractor

Freelancers and independent contractors make up the backbone of the construction industry and have for decades, but they’re also becoming more common in other industries, even ones that have traditionally eschewed outside contractors in favor of investing in a larger umbrella of in-house operations. The change in America’s economy has also led to a change in the needs of workers, because more and more of them need their own forms of commercial liability insurance as a result of making the move from wage employee to independent contractor. That includes new industries like ride sharing as well as established ones using outside contractors more frequently in today’s remote work economy.

Coverage To Suit Your Business

Auto insurance for independent contractors should be tailored to the actual job you do, so that your commercial coverage reflects the ways you use your vehicle at work. That means crafting very different policies for ride share drivers, long distance transportation specialists, and those who use personal vehicles for transportation between job sites but provide services that don’t rely on the vehicle. When you work with an insurer who has broad experience covering independent contractors, freelance workers, and entrepreneurs running a one-person startup, you can rely on that expertise to build you a policy that fits all your needs, without paying for anything extra that doesn’t fit your business.