Keep Your Vintage Automobiles protected With Collector Insurance

As a car collector, no doubt one of your constant worries is keeping your collectible or vintage car from being permanently damaged. For this reason, among others, many collectors seldom, if ever, take their car out for a drive, which can actually cause internal mechanical problems, and defeats the purpose of owning such a cool, collectable toy. Car collector insurance can come to aid wary car-owners, helping them get over their fears of damaging their pristine vehicles.


Making Allowances for How You Use Your Old Car


Even if you are not worried about the dreaded scratch or dent on your car, it is likely that you do not drive your car often enough to demand regular automotive insurance. With the right policy, you can save hundreds a year simply because you drive your classic only occasionally or much less than any other car. Car collector insurance agencies understand this aspect of vintage car ownership, and make allowances accordingly to the way you and your car interact with other drivers. When creating a new policy, make sure to include:


  • Estimated hourly use or annual mileage
  • The number of people who are allowed to drive the car
  • Recognition that breakdowns are more likely to happen, making roadside assistance more important


No matter what kind of car you prefer and love to collect or restore, your car ownership responsibilities are not complete unless you have the best classic car insurance.