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Is Your Household Staff Covered?

The people you employ to work within your home play a very big part in the way your residence operates. Since you rely on these people to feel comfortable in your own space, it is important to take extra considerations in regard to their health and wellness. A personal workers comp policy can help protect you, your employees, and your assets in the event of a member of your staff incurring injury while on the job.

Strict Regulations

The experts at Owens Group suggest looking into the specific rules and regulations set forth by the state where you reside. States like New York and New Jersey have strict guidelines for how employers should handle insurance for domestic employees in a household. Typical policies will cover areas such as:

Medical bills
Payment for lost work
Transitional coverage

Legal Issues

A failure to take out a policy to cover the employees in your household might result in serious problems for you in the future. To avoid legal troubles, it is best to make sure you follow state regulations and take out the proper coverage.
There are a number of ways to protect the people working in your home. Look into the appropriate compensation policies for employees and see what you need to do to get started with this type of coverage.