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Is Your General Liability Policy Enough?

As you deal with running your business, you take great pride in working hard to establish a brand and service that others want and carries your name. This is why carrying the right type of business insurance is so important. You are protecting your personal investment and financial future. It can also give you the peace of mind needed to focus on the more specific areas impacting service, delivery, and growth.

Gaps in Property Liability Coverage

As mentioned on, there is a tendency of small business owners to limit their purchases to general liability coverage. However, there are limitations and exclusions that can create devastating financial gaps should an incident occur in one of these non-covered areas. Considering what is premises liability insurance and how does it differ from a general liability can be a way to know if you have the right coverage or not.

Premises Liability

With this type of coverage, accidents that occur your business premises could be filed and coverage. It would apply if a client trips over the rug in your entryway, the postman stumbles over loose cobblestone on your walkway, or a customer missteps off your front porch when meeting at your home office for a business deal.

Premise liability can cover more than just your business property. It can include:

  • Offices or studios
  • Workshop
  • Pathways
  • Gardens or land around your workspace
  • Parking lots Your business premises refers to the area where you work.