Insuring Your UTV Properly

Recreational vehicle coverage is a common form of insurance that most individuals purchase for a broad category of investments. It can cover RVs, ATVs, jet skis and other personal watercraft, as well as speed boats and small fishing vessels. To do that, each policy needs to be tailored to the vehicle type and the range of activities it is used for. Each policy is unique in its provisions and exclusions, and often companies providing this kind of coverage specialize their offerings to a specific set of vehicles. As a result, it’s worth the extra effort to find specified UTV coverage that explicitly includes the work applications and utility operations you bought the vehicle to perform, as well as the recreational coverage offered by ATV insurance.

What if You Own a Business UTV?

Policies that cover personal vehicles used for noncommercial projects on your home property are generally not suited to covering commercial vehicles, even if they are the same class. For example, commercial insurance for a pickup used as a work truck is very different from personal coverage for a truck you buy as your primary vehicle. The same holds true when talking UTVs and ATVs. The commercial coverage generally provides for most of the same risks to property and operator as the personal policy, but it also includes additional provisions to protect your business from the liabilities entailed in owning and operating a commercial UTV.